About Renhai’s TCM Courses

Our TCM courses in English enjoy popular demand.

The discerning public appreciates natural holistic healthcare that emphasises balance and internal harmony. Many see it as a way of reducing dependence on synthetic pharmaceuticals and elective surgical interventions.

Our courses are taught by local bilingual TCM physicians who are also trained in biomedical science. They provide participants with an understanding of Chinese medicine for use in daily life to improve health and for better communication with their TCM physicians.

Course participants have found self-help tips taught in classes to be useful and practical for improving their health and looking after their loved ones.

Renhai courses are currently eligible for NSA (National Silver Academy) subsidies and Skillsfuture credit.

What Participants Said

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I attended all 3 courses and found that they are all very enriching and useful. The teachers are very knowledgeable and shared generously.

Linnet Lee, Risk Manager

This course has taught us the essence of Chinese Medicine in an easy-to-understand format, which can be appreciated by even laymen. It not only created awareness of TCM but also promoted the importance of healthy living. Really kudos to the teachers’ passion.

Lim TB, IT Engineer

The Course has been an amazing learning experience for me. The Basic Concepts and Methods of TCM could help every one achieve a holistic transformation of Mind, Body and Soul.

Carmee Lim, Mentor Principal, MindChamps

For someone who is non Mandarin speaking and trained in the western approach to healthcare, this course conducted in English is truly beneficial to my understanding of TCM. Helped me appreciate the value of TCM in combination with western medicines.

Jennifer, Pharmacist
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Forthcoming Courses

Past Courses

  • Categories: Past Courses

    Bundle course which includes Introduction to Chinese Medicine and C3A AgeMAP-Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives

    Applicable to NSA applicants only
    Course Fee: $56 nett
    Course fee can be offset using your SFC)

  • Categories: Past Courses

    An introduction to Chinese medicine theories and principles for the beginners

    Date: 21 Oct to 25 Nov 2023 (Every Sat, 6 lessons)
    Time: 9am to 11am
    Mode of Instruction: Online by zoom
    Language: English
    Course Fee: $280 nett
    (NSA applicants only need to pay $56, which can be offset using your SFC)

  • Categories: Past Courses

    This course is designed by a community aged-care physician to help strengthen mental resilience and wellbeing for seniors

    Date: 29 Sep 2023
    Time: 9am to 12pm
    Mode of Instruction: In person
    Venue: 27A Neil Road S088817 (2nd-storey, above Renhai Clinic
    Language: English
    Course Fee: $50 nett
    (NSA applicants only need to pay $10 which can be offset using your SFC)